Titra-Max titrator


The Titra-Max titrator is used for the analysis of:tmt

  • TAN (total acid number)
  • TBN (total base number)
  • Mercaptan Sulphur
  • Analysis of petroleum products, lubricants and
  • transformer insulating oils.

Features and Benefits

  • User friendly auto titration system.
  • User selectable End Point mode.
  • Compliant to ASTM methods for TAN/TBN analysis of oil samples. Mercaptan sulphur titration method as standard.
  • Interchangeable burette assemblies with intelligent volume recognition system.
  • Vortex mixing system for vigorous and homogeneous stirring of viscous samples.
  • Alphanumeric entry of all method parameters and sample data that ensures GLP compliance.
  • Pre-programmed ASTM methods for easy operation.
  • Two tier password protection, Administrator and User for method editing.
  • User selectable report formats – Titration analysis reports, method parameters, Data table, Titration curves, etc..
  • Full reprocessing and statistical analysis of run data including first and second derivative graphical report.
  • Balance interface for weight data transfer.
  • Data download to PC.


Control: Micro-controller based

Burette: 5 ml or 10 ml capacity, interchangeable. 25 ml Optional.

Burette resolution: 1/5000 for 5 ml, 1/10000 for 10 ml and 25/5000 for 25 ml.

Filling time: < 20 seconds

Principle: Volume determination by equivalence point, end point.

Modes of operation: a)Incremental b)Equilibrium titration

Methods: TAN, TBN and Mercaptan sulphur

mV range: ± 3200 mV

Accuracy : ± 0.1 mV (± 0.0016 pH).

Amplifier Input Impedance: > > 10 12 ohms

End Point detection: Potentiometric

Cut-off criteria: a)Volume b)End point

Results: Direct readout of TAN, TBN and Mercaptan Sulphur concentrations

Sensors: Optimized electrodes for non-aqueous analysis

Titration Head: Manual stand with swiveling arm for electrode, dispensing tip & stirrer is provided as standard.

Stirring System: Micro-controller based variable speed, high torque stirrer

Data Storage: Non-volatile memory

Input/Output: a) Parallel Port : 1 No. for printer.

Peripheral Interface: b) Serial Port : 2 Nos. for Balance & PC.

Report Format:

Selection of various formats – a) Method parameters b) Titration analysis report c) Titration analysis condensed report d) Titration data table e) Titration graphic report – 1) ml v/s mV 2) ml v/s First derivative 3) ml v/s Second derivative 4) ml v/s time. f) Statistics report

Keyboard: Alphanumeric splash water proof polyester soft keys.

Display: 40 x 2 line back lighted LCD display.

Environmental Operating Conditions:

Operation: Indoor.

Temperature : Ambient to 45 °C

Operating temperature and humidity : +5 to 45°C Max, 5 to 90% non condensing.

Storage temperature and humidity : +5 to 45°C Max, 5 to 90% non condensing.

Power, Weight and dimensions 110V/220V AC ±10%, 60/50Hz. 40W, 3kg 200gms, 250 X 260 X 130mm (W X D X H).

Titration Unit (with Electrode Arm) : 6kg 200gms, 200 X 410 X 415mm

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