890ZV SOFC Test Load


The Model 890ZV is the latest fuel cell test system produced by Scrib890zvner Associates, Inc. The instrument consists of a programmable electronic load, fuel and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions in an integrated bench top unit. A built-in power source makes the 890ZV particularly well suited for small single cell SOFC work for research, laboratory and educational use. Such cells often have high resistance electrical interconnects that require use of a power source in order to apply current to the fuel cell.

The 890ZV, like earlier models, is optimized for cost and size, and offers extra hardware features and Scribner Associates’ FuelCell® software.

The 890ZV is typically for use with a SOFC fuel cell, a suitable furnace and a fuel management unit. It is available with the optional internal Model 880 Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA). An interface box may be purchased for non-integrated fuel system designs.